ASP.Net MVC Quickstart

Build your own public-facing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) website w/MVC and Entity Framework in a weekend.

Course Summary

Learn how to work with ASP.Net MVC to build and deploy a public-facing application that tracks the contacts for registered users. Through the process, you'll learn about building Models, Views, and Controllers with some tips and tricks for maximizing your success. You'll also learn about creating unit and integration tests. To complete the picture, you'll learn about how to use GitHub actions to deploy your application to Azure.

Course Curriculum

Brian Gorman

I am an experienced .Net developer, certified as an MCSA: Web Apps, MCSD: App Builder, and MCT, as well as Azure Fundamentals, Azure Developer Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals, Azure DevOps Expert, Azure Administrator, Azure Database Administrator, and as an Azure IoT Specialist. I recently completed my first book, Practical Entity Framework, available from APress and am working on the second edition for EFCore5. I have a masters of science degree in computer information systems, and a bachelors in computer science. I work as a full-time cloud training architect, where I've had the opportunity to lead others toward azure certifications, develop new training content, and participate in many challenges and open hack events. For the past 11 years I've taught online computer science courses for Franklin University, and have created instructional video courses for programming and technology concepts in .Net and Java. In my free time, I create original music and perform in theater productions, as a singer/songwriter, and on music teams at church. I have a passion to share technical knowledge and help anyone become a successful .Net developer with Azure certifications.


Technical Training/Writing/Course Creation

.Net C#/VB

Windows Services

WCF/REST Services

Microsoft SQL Server

ASP.Net websites (Webforms and MVC)

Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL

Project management/SDLC management.

Design Patterns


John Smith


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