In this blog you might find some helpful tips and tricks, you might find information about things I'm learning or tools I like, and you might find a few things that are interesting.  Hope you will enjoy some or all of it.

Brian Gorman | Feb 09, 2023

Easily move between LTS and STS versions by using a versioning config file in your .NET projects

Brian Gorman | Jan 12, 2023

In this blog post, I cover the use of git bisect and then utilize the findings to remove any trace of the bad code from history

Brian Gorman | Dec 28, 2022

This blog post and video discuss utilization of AuthN and AuthZ for your MVC projects with Azure App Service and Microsoft Identity

Brian Gorman | Dec 08, 2022

From local secrets to the cloud, you must keep your secrets safe. Learn how to get started with local secrets and Azure Key Vault in this ...

Brian Gorman | Dec 19, 2021

Implementing Azure Time Series Insights on Azure Digital Twins to analyze telemetry data. My Festive Tech Calendar submission.

Brian Gorman | Sep 24, 2021

This post will be a companion to the video that is going to be featured in the Azure Back To School event.

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