Become an Azure Administrator, Developer, DevOps, and Architect expert.

A unique Azure certification training curriculum that provides deep understanding of key concepts to accelerate your career, with a community of peers

NOTE: The next cohort is slated to start in March.  Live training sessions will take place on Friday afternoons from 12-2pm Central Time

Course Summary

This is a private live training course that you can take directly with Brian and a select group of other trainees.  You will get materials and instruction on Azure concepts that will prepare you to pass AZ-104/AZ-204/AZ-305/AZ-400 all in the same place.  This is a full-stack Azure Administrator Developer Architect and Devops Expert preparation journey, and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.  Top that off with a price that wipes out the competition, and you know you won't be disappointed in this program.  

You will be trained by Brian, who has all of these Azure certifications and has been an MCT for the last 3 years (in addition to over a decade of live technical training experience).  In addition to the course materials and training, you will be in an exclusive community of people that are learning the same things you are and will have the opportunity to network and ask questions in the community, even after the course is over.

Why should you join the Azure Expert Training Program?

I'm excited to have you join in on the Become an Azure Expert training program...a revolutionary technical training program that takes you on a journey through Azure, where you will learn about all of the important moving pieces and understand how they all work together...from architecture to software development to deployment, you will see it all in an organized fashion using real-world scenarios to remove any doubts about how and where to do things correctly and efficiently in Azure.  

Imagine what it would be like to...
     - have one or more verified Azure certifications to post on your LinkedIn and on your resume
     - have confidence to be the decision maker on your team as a cloud solution architect
     - never have to wonder where or how to do something in Azure (or if you're doing it the right way) ever again
     - understand how to help an organization migrate their architecture from an on-premesis environment into the cloud
     - know how to create traditional web solutions, data solutions, and serverless implementations at Azure
     - have a community of other professionals to network with, ask questions, and conceptualize solutions while learning together

You CAN - with the Become an Azure Expert training program.

As you are likely aware, some of the benefits of becoming an Azure expert and getting certified are that certifications will likely increase your salary, improve your job prospects, make you more valuable to your current organization, enhance your overall skills, and can even give you the flexibility and confidence to go out on your own as a consultant (or increase your rates with confidence if you are already consulting).

Who should join?

Becoming an Azure Expert training is for everyone who wants to know more about Azure, and is especially useful for those that want to get certified

If You have worked in IT for more than two years,  you can become an Azure expert and gain Azure certifications with the Become an Azure Expert training program

Whether you are a developer, an administrator, or a devops engineer - or even a manager of one of these roles, this training is still going to be beneficial for you. The overall idea is you will be able to focus on what you want to learn and will see the other pieces of the puzzle.  Perhaps you only want AZ-104 or AZ-204, but not both.  Maybe you already have one and just want AZ-400, or maybe you need to get through all of the material and become a solution architect expert -- That's great! You will be able to focus on the pieces that matter to you while allowing the program to also show you how all of these roles actually work together, even if you never develop anything, or don't have any need to set up a virtual network with an express route, or never, ever want to write a line of YAML (spoiler alert - you will have to write YAML at some point).

What do I get when I join?

With the Become an Azure Expert training program, YOU'LL GET:

  • Weekly live-training for 18 weeks with an official MCT and a community of your peers
  • You'll gain deep, expert-level knowledge by applying the concepts to solve real-world problems, which will take you deeper than traditional training.
  • By the time you go to take a test, you will have the confidence and understanding to know that you are ready for the test (and will likely pass it).
  • You'll get Microsoft Official Course content for the course or courses on which you want to home in
  • Direction on additional tools to enhance your learning
  • Confidence to be a leader and make technical decisions around Azure technologies

But that's not all...

Join the Become an Azure Expert training program, and you'll also receive a special bonus!

- 6 months of access to official course labs - a value of nearly $75.
- 1 Exam voucher ($165 value)
- 2 Practice Exams ($200 value)

Become an Azure Expert is a bargain

If you wanted to get all of this at a traditional certification bootcamp provider, you'd be paying around $12,500 or more (roughly 2500 for 5 courses). Additionally, you'd be spending 4-5 days away from work per course (and likely still having to be accountable to answer those IMs and emails that never stop coming, even though you made it clear you were going to be in training that week).

 With this program, you get all of the benefits of taking five traditional certification bootcamps, but you'll get so much more, because you will not have to adjust your work or personal schedules, and you will be spreading the time out to learn and retain the concepts.  

What does it cost?

Full course + one test voucher: $3950

Why such a low price (note that just one of these courses alone would likely cost 2500-5000 at other places)?

 The reason I can do this is because I'm keeping my costs low, and by only having a few hours a week for everyone involved, we can all benefit.  

Rather than fighting to clear up weeks on our calendars, we'll be able to go about our professional duties while also learning this material.  In addition, a few hours of our own time working on this material is required, and I don't want you to have to pay for hours you are using outside of your normal schedule, so that is why this amazingly low price is available through this program.  

Course Curriculum

Brian Gorman

I am an experienced .Net developer, certified as an MCSA: Web Apps, MCSD: App Builder, and MCT, as well as Azure Fundamentals, Azure Developer Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals, Azure DevOps Expert, Azure Administrator, Azure Database Administrator, and as an Azure IoT Specialist. I recently completed my first book, Practical Entity Framework, available from APress and am working on the second edition for EFCore5. I have a masters of science degree in computer information systems, and a bachelors in computer science. I work as a full-time cloud training architect, where I've had the opportunity to lead others toward azure certifications, develop new training content, and participate in many challenges and open hack events. For the past 11 years I've taught online computer science courses for Franklin University, and have created instructional video courses for programming and technology concepts in .Net and Java. In my free time, I create original music and perform in theater productions, as a singer/songwriter, and on music teams at church. I have a passion to share technical knowledge and help anyone become a successful .Net developer with Azure certifications.


Technical Training/Writing/Course Creation

.Net C#/VB

Windows Services

WCF/REST Services

Microsoft SQL Server

ASP.Net websites (Webforms and MVC)

Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL

Project management/SDLC management.

Design Patterns


Mike Cole

Azure Expert Graduate
Principal - Cole Consulting

Brian did a very good job of leading the course and providing relevant content. He is knowledgeable about many different aspects of Azure and is also a great instructor. The course itself was a good mix of demonstration, individual work, and open discussion. It was nice to study with other professionals because the open discussions often drifted to real-world subjects and I was able to gain knowledge that is not available in textbooks. I would recommend this course whether you are working towards Azure certifications or simply expanding your knowledge of Azure.

 "Even though we already had various levels of knowledge and skills in our team members when it comes to Azure, it was very nice to be able to get a new perspective and formal training engagement with Brian as our Azure trainer. Our team really enjoyed his approach and unique process that allowed us to shorten the learning curve to gaining our Azure certifications.

Brian McKeiver
Microsoft MVP, Kentico MVP, Co-Owner - Bizstream

Course Pricing